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Video : Social innovation in UK

Social innovation in the UK


Europe Tomorrow third social innovation in UK.
In the UK, Social investment is huge, from the Big society capital to private social impact funds like Nesta Investments and ClearlySo who brings impact to all their investments.

The Open source community is also well developed in the UK. Today the communities are focused on open source product that can enable social impact like Solar flower or Wevolver platform.

The third big topic in the UK is housing and transition to zero carbon cities. In order to learn more on this topic, we went to Totnes where Rob Hopkins initiated the Transition town movement and we met the CEO of Bioregional, Sue Riddlestone, who started one of the most famous eco-neighborhood in the south of London, Bedzed.

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Speaker :
Malo Richard
Rodney Schwartz
Cameron Norris
Sue Riddlestone

Film Maker : Solene Ducretot

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