HR_Thrive_L002b_HyattThrive_4C_16682The Hyatt global corporate responsibility programme, Hyatt Thrive, is designed to help make the communities in which Hyatt operates places where associates are proud to work, guests want to visit, neighbours want to live and hotel owners want to invest.  The programme reflects the Hyatt belief that no one understands a community’s most pressing issues — or their solutions — better than those who live and work there.

Hyatt Thrive harnesses the power of more than 95,000 Hyatt associates at more than 550 properties around the world, to focus on positive local efforts that create a significant global impactHyatt Thrive focuses on the four key pillars that Hyatt believes are essential to thriving communities: Environmental Sustainability; Education and Career Readiness; Economic Development and Investment; and Health and Wellness.

In the same way Europe Tomorrow is seeking local solutions for global problems, Hyatt has its own ambitious environmental targets.  “The work of Europe Tomorrow echoes our own values — we care about people,” says Eric Brun, vice president for brands for Hyatt Hotels EAME and Southwest Asia.  “At Hyatt we are always challenging ourselves to operate in the most socially and environmentally responsible way possible to ensure we support the communities where we work.”

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