Why do the Ambassadors exist?

Ambassadors are people who are confident and supported to represent Europe Tomorrow! and maintain a strong relationship with external groups and individuals.

What do Ambassadors do?

They spend time with people and help them find opportunities to collaborate with Europe Tomorrow!. This involves lots of calls and face to face meetings, spending the time to understand other organisations and hunting for meaningful value exchanges. Also, Ambassadors are spotters: they are able to identify social innovation and feed the Tomorrow’s global database of solutions.

I’ve found someone I want an Ambassador to talk to, what to do?

We love introductions! You can either post a message in our #goeuropetomorrow Slack group or send an email to florian@europetomorrow.org

How do I become an Ambassador of Tomorrow?

Jump up in the #goeuropetomorrow slack channel and talk to the other Ambassadors. The more you know about Europe Tomorrow! then the easier the work is but if you’re still finding your way then the old hands are happy to pair with you. Once both you and the other Ambassadors are confident you will be added to hubspot and be an official Ambassador.

What are the commitments of being an Ambassador?

You are expected to log your ‘official’ Ambassador calls you make in the slack channel and Hubspot so other Ambassadors have visibility on the relationships you are maintaining. If you step back from Ambassador work you are expected to make introductions to other Ambassadors who can continue the relationship.

Is it paid?

No, we don’t have the resources to pay for Ambassadoring so this is a volunteer role.

Are there any time commitments?

No, you are free to do as much or as little Ambassadoring as you like.

… I’m not up for all this process, but I do represent Europe Tomorrow! and meet interesting folks from time to time…

> No problems, it would help us if you dropped a message in the #goeuropetomorrow slack channel or send us a mail to hello@europetomorrow.org. 🙂

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